It is imperative for frustrated students to get all the help they can with their education.

Tutoring should begin early, as soon as a learning problem is noted. You’ll want to find a tutor as soon as the child feels that a class is difficult, as soon as the child or his teacher communicates that he is having difficulties because tutoring should begin before your child is failing. Read more about what I’ve learned from teaching in public school systems.

The facts of the matter.

ONE. I know that many teachers and schools emphasize the use of calculators, but I do not. I see them as a tool of last resort and as a way to check answers. But I never use them as a teaching tool. I always make my students work with their brains and on paper, and never give them the option of doing it with a calculator unless it’s absolutely necessary. But on the other hand, I show my students convenient mathematical techniques and shortcuts that help them work efficiently and see the beauty of math at the same time.

TWO. The number of students I have tutored who truly cannot do math and science is actually small. In my experience, most people have the ability, even if they do not believe that they do. My job is to try to bring that ability out in every one of my students.

THREE. Many schools think that if they make math and science easy for their students, they will learn more easily and quickly. But that is a mistake I do not make. If you try to learn math and science quickly without doing the hard work, you will not learn them at all. So I make my students work hard in order to learn. But I always combine this with a patient and empathetic approach that helps them see that they can do it.

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