I have over 15 years of experience tutoring and teaching.

I’ve taught many subjects, including math, physics, philosophy, English to non-native speakers, and general science. Born in Chicago and educated at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I started my teaching career in Israel, working as a volunteer teaching children with disabilities and as an English tutor. I then worked in a private company teaching the GMAT, GRE, and the SAT, creating a curriculum that would prepare students for the rigors of standardized testing and becoming intimately familiar with the format and style of standardized tests, including the Computer Adaptive Tests (CATs).

When I returned to the US, I earned my MA in philosophy and then became certified to teach physics and math in Maryland and Virginia. As a teacher, I worked in both public and private schools, including religious schools, and became familiar with the curricula of the local school districts (including MCPS, FCPS, and PGCPS, as well as DCPS). While doing all of this, I continued private tutoring in many subjects with a wide variety of students, from elementary school children to college students to adults, including many students with learning disorders and other disabilities.  Read more about me.