Tutoring is about digging deep.
Serious teaching. Hard work.

I have a sincere interest in improving the academic lives of my students. Trust is a precious thing that isn’t given away freely. I’ll work hard for you to earn it.

  • Many people stopped understanding math even as early as third grade – usually with fractions – and in every math lesson I give, I dig deep in my student’s learning process to find exactly what he doesn’t understand. I try to fix the foundation and not just the broken windows on the second floor.
  • Many students are also afraid to go above and beyond – that is, to apply their knowledge to situations and problems beyond merely filling in the blank or memorizing. Their default answer is often: “I don’t know” or “I can’t do it.” I put them at ease and gently but firmly guide them into doing the advanced problems so that they can feel confident in their ability.
  • Finding out where a student has gone wrong in past learning is a delicate process. I often look to see how a student is writing a problem. How quickly he writes, how confidently he works – helping me gauge how much he really understands and what things give him trouble.

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You can contact me at 301-830-1864 or eran@eranzamirtutoring.com for a consultation to honestly discuss your math, science, or test-prep tutoring needs.