The way it is for many.


More than anything, teenagers as well as adults don’t want to be embarrassed. This makes them afraid to push the limits of their abilities and afraid to go above and beyond just filling in the blanks and crunching the numbers. But this is what math and science ask you to do, especially at the harder levels such as physics and calculus.

Gadget Dependency

Many students today have become dependent on calculators and computers to do the work for them. They don’t see that this hurts them and makes them less able to do the work and think conceptually. When you add an education system that thinks it’s doing students a favor by making things easier, it results in students who graduate without having strong math and science skills. They are often glad to leave it behind and hope they will never need that stuff again.

Life Skills

As anyone who has ever had to balance a checkbook, understand mortgage payments, or help their kids with a science fair project can tell you, math and science are necessary. Moreover, they are beautiful, but many students never learn to see them that way because they stumble early on. Later, when they don’t understand the harder subjects, they come to resent them. It’s not only a shame, it’s debilitating.

I teach individuals the way they need to be taught. Each student is different, and I tailor my instruction to address each student’s particular difficulties, anxieties, and concerns.

You CAN learn it, and I can teach it to you YOUR way, so that you can learn it, use it, and even find it enjoyable.

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