Tutoring adults for personal or professional growth
or just for fun.

Learning doesn’t stop on graduation day. It’s a lifelong process that will enrich both personal and work life. While children often require a more comprehensive approach, adults student often need a narrow approach that is tailored to cover a specific area. This is often necessary because most Americans change careers more than once in their lives. Beginning a new career often requires learning new skills, or brushing up on old ones. Your chosen career path may require you to refresh your math or science skills.

You may want to satisfy a curiosity about the mysteries of science, or are looking for the mental stimulation that learning math and science can bring. In fact, you might even remember a time when you enjoyed learning something, before it was taken over by testing and grades.  I can help bring back that fun and spark your interest in math and science.

I help adults confront their fears without embarrassment, at their own pace.

In a New Survey, Americans say, “We’re Not Good At Math”

“Calculating the effects of America’s math problem: Many Americans admit that there have been times that they’ve found themselves saying they can’t do math and have had difficulty figuring out the sale discount at a store or calculating the waiter’s tip at a restaurant. In fact, the overwhelming majority of Americans believe that the lack of emphasis on developing good math skills will have a negative impact on the future of our economy.” – Attributed to www.changetheequation.org, 2013

Do you feel like one of the adults in this survey?  I can help you overcome that!

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