How I became a tutor in math and science.

I almost failed eighth grade. I didn’t have any disorders or functioning problems–I was just lazy and unmotivated. Fortunately, my parents hired great tutors who moved me in the right direction. With their help, I was able to finish eighth grade on time, and later college and graduate school. I will be eternally grateful for the tutors who set me on the right path.

I even became a teacher, because I wanted to inspire and teach students. I’ve taught and tutored many types of students from fifth graders to adults. As I’ve help people learn many subjects, I have learned a great deal about why people have trouble with math and science. Although those topics come easily to me, I can appreciate the difficulties that my students have. Algebra, physics, even fractions–these things are very abstract, and they can be pretty tough! I teach in a way my students can understand.

What I’ve learned from teaching in the public school systems–

Your child’s teachers want to teach their pupils with the individual attention that each student needs, but this is almost impossible: classrooms are overcrowded, there is an incredible amount of paperwork to do and standardized testing makes it just about impossible for teachers to be flexible and responsive to your child’s needs.

My job is to supplement what your child is getting in school so that he can learn and understand the subjects that are frustrating. My tutoring will help your child do his homework and pass his tests, because I will take the time to see and understand why he is not getting it, and then adapt my teaching methods so that he will get it – something that a school system can’t always do.

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